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Jörg Molt

„Digital evolution: Bitcoins and blockchain explained.“

Jörg Molt is one of the few experts in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a coach, speaker and consultant, he is indeed one of the more reputable specialists in Europe. He advises renowned companies and institutions from many different industries all over the world on how to implement digitalisation processes. As a solo miner and member of an Antminer network, he has helped create key structures, building up capital and fixed assets in Bitcoin from the very outset. By generally developing Smart Contracts based on the local blockchain, he founded a holding company to act as an agent between users and manufacturers. Together with other experts, this resulted in the “Satoshi Competence School”. Jörg Molt delights his audiences with his humour and clear explanations, using practical examples to demonstrate how (r)evolutionary technology can be applied.

The new digital world – explained simply

  • Blessing or curse? Discover the opportunities and risks for you and your company
  • The bank in your pocket
  • How to use Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to unlock new means of payment
  • The new world of contracts: How to communicate and transact business quickly, safely and digitally with Smart Contracts

Bitcoins & blockchain: A new currency taking over the world

  • Bitcoins – An alternative to Euros & co.? Examples of many different applications in business and everyday life
  • Bitcoins: More than just a currency. How to use Bitcoins as an investment to increase your company’s value
  • Blockchain brings you and your company innovative solutions, more flexibility and greater transparency for your customers, partners and staff – worldwide! 

The four scenarios of digital change in our society

  • Where do you position yourself and your company in this digital age? Are you an active initiator or a follower?
  • Get ready for the future and learn the “language” of the digital world!
  • Use the technologies for your personal needs and/or become a specialist!

“Jörg Molt is able to get everyone interest in this topic, even if they have no idea about it. For me, there was too much info in such a short time. I mulled it over for a long time… But it was very informative on many levels.” Stefanie Betz

“The seminar with Jörg was informative, fascinating and, most importantly, enjoyable. His specific, humorous way of communicating enables him to explain even challenging topics, such as blockchain technology, easily and with practical methods.” Silke Schühly

“Finally someone who knows the answer to our questions … My partner and I are very pleased to have met Mr Molt. His very casual and empathetic manner soon had us bewitched. The knowledge Mr Molt imparts in his training courses also goes well beyond what we had learned at other events. Thanks to his support, we are launching our business model on the market – and much earlier than planned. Once again many thanks, Mr Molt; we look forward to working with you.” Sime Surlin


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